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Earth Hues

Earth Hues is an apparel and accessories brand which deals in organic and naturally dyed products. The dyes we use are made purely of plants,fruits and vegetables using natural mordants.

These fabrics using a zilch of chemicals are good for the skin and also have other very beneficial medicinal properties.

About Us


Earth Hues is an organic and naturally dyed apparel and accessories brand of Preeti Bhan, a self taught natural dyer living in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
"Being natural is not just a statement. It is the closest i can get to being myself". Intrigued by the enigma of nature, i take inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings. I like travelling and like things in their raw and purest form and find spiritual bliss in nature.

Natural Dyes are non toxic and do not create any kind of environmental problems due to their bio- degradable nature. I make dyes using plants, fruits and vegetables using natural mordants, keeping in mind the thought and intent to create something new, beautiful while keeping it unique. Each and every piece is an exploration of color, technique and is just one of a kind.

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